We design, rent and fabricate stage sets, exhibits and branded environments for corporate events/meetings/shows/exhibits. We also consider every aspect of our clients’ experience: the space, the food, the service, the equipment and the tiny inspirational touches that add up to a truly special event.

We will schedule a meeting with you so that we can find out more about your event planning ideas and get to know your venue and employees. We are also interested in finding out more about your target market, brand, and marketing objectives. We as the best event company strongly advise you to get in touch with us in order to ensure the success of your event. Creating a menu for your event, charting out visitor flow patterns at your venue, and calculating your demands for guest services (servers, kitchen staff, rental equipment) depending on your budget are all parts of our event management & conceptualization services for preparing an event.

3D Projection Mapping

One of the most common projection techniques used today is the art and science of bending and mixing projected images to fit exactly on irregularly-shaped surfaces like buildings, interior spaces, objects, and natural landscapes. We provide the services of dynamic images at a very affordable budget, thereby without any compromise on our services.

Our projection mapping technology uses light and color to project virtual images onto non-flat objects including industrial sites, governmental structures, and famous landmarks in cities. With our projection mapping services, you may entirely alter the color, texture, and shape of anything. We help you to create unforgettable experiences by using projected images to bring your story to life in the most engaging way.

Event Management

Today businesses’ events have all been changed by technology. Our planners now have access to a wide range of event management & conceptualization technologies, from those that make their jobs easier to those that improve the experiences of their guests. Here we introduce the newest apps, software programs, and trends to event planning properly.

Stage Sets, Lighting & Truss

We specialize in providing trussing solutions for venues of various sizes and price ranges. We have handled everything from corporate events to trade exhibits. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special plan in mind for a trussing system.


Our staff members can assist you with every step of the process from designing a CAD drawing of your rig to choosing a payment method and shipping method.




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