At PS Audio Visual Ltd, we offer our Video Production and photography services ranging from the recording of live events, filming of commercials & reality shows, documentaries, music videos, and still photography shoots. PS Audio Visual ltd. also provides professional Photography Services for corporate events to sales events and does portrait photography for websites and magazines. The recording is eventually edited in our modern studio presenting the finished product to our client in the format of their choice.

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Digital Photography Services

Digital Video Coverage / Video Editing Services

Video Live Feed During Events

We are the best event company that provides exceptional video production services along with photography facilities that include recording live events, filming commercials and reality shows, documentaries, music videos, and still, photography shoots for live streaming & photography. Additionally, we offer expert photography services for event live streaming as well as for websites and magazines. Finally, the recording is edited in our cutting-edge studio, and the finished product is delivered to our clients in the format of their choice.

Digital Event Photography Services:

Our in-house event live streaming & photography services team which is made up of expert photographers can enhance your website. Do not think and hire us for the best services at affordable prices. Your reports, digital channels, and social media presence will all be improved by the high-quality photographs we produce.

We also create short films, documentaries, and branded and commercial video content for social media use, corporate marketing, advertising, and business use. Our team of directors, cinematographers, and post-production experts will assist in transforming your brand through narrative-driven video and virtual production.

Video Live Feed During Events:

Event plannings that are live-streamed are a great method to reach an international audience. Everyone is embracing the movement to take advantage of its many advantages, including influencers, entrepreneurs, governmental agencies, and corporate firms. We provide live video streaming for event management like weddings, engagements, or business conferences. As audio is more crucial to a live stream than visuals, we also offer live streaming with good sound quality.