A virtual AGM is a meeting where all participants attend the AGM remotely, using an online platform that allows attendees to participate electronically in real-time. Our platform allows attendees to participate in polling, ask questions, and share PowerPoint presentations to attendees

Regarding professional meetings, we understand that when people meet face-to-face, they can think in ways previously unthought. That’s why our clients trust us with their:

  • Media Briefings
  • Symposiums
  • Gala Dinners
  • Board Meetings

We assist you in conducting a properly run virtual AGM solutions & professional meetings! Now create a professional virtual annual general meeting (AGM) via us that complies with ASIC’s obligations to engage your shareholders. Our highly skilled event managers handle all parts of your virtual AGM from beginning to end, by providing superb virtual agm services & including all technological issues. They can also captivate your shareholders and members by skillfully executing a verbal Q&A session and live voting.

Media Briefing

In contrast to a press conference, our media briefing often only includes representatives from the media relations department. Media briefings are typically not intended for broadcast. We provide media briefings that are typically fully “off the record”. Direct quotes, source names, or other identifying information cannot be used in any media coverage because it is “off the record”. Media briefings are more of a chance to make sure the media is aware of a notion, rule, decision, or procedure than they are a chance for news.

Gala Dinners

Our objective is to make everything appear simple! In order to make your organization stand out, you’re attempting to instill confidence in your visitors. What better way to accomplish that than by organizing a lavish event live streaming that seems to run itself? The secret to a seamless, effective, and impressive evening is planning every aspect in advance. We establish the mood for every part of your Gala event by including live music, which will make the celebration seem eternal and still leave attendees wanting more.

Board Meeting

We provide a spectacular scenario for your board meeting. The most effective board meetings leave us inspired and focused because they have a clear objective, a motivated team, a smooth procedure, and well-defined results via us. To assist you in setting the stage for meetings that are strategic, goal-oriented, and fruitful for everyone, we have the cheaper and excellent offers available. So it is time to get professional virtual meetings & video event services by us!